Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Getting rich is very easy if only you can humble yourself and follow these tricks I am going to show you.
Please don’t say the steps are too simple to follow but just do them and let’s see the outcome.
Who says you can’t be rich?
By the time they see you again they will just be looking at you and they will be forced to ask you. Friend! How did you do it.
Don’t say my preamble is too much... It’s another way to test you if really you want to be rich. Which make the number one rule that says:.....

You don’t like that statement right? I understand even if you don’t like the word patient anymore. Though you might not have ever been patient but you may have seen people who have been patient for years, yet nothing happen.
With Patience you can get almost everything you want. Eh! It’s just a matter of time, you will surely get there, though I know personally that this is not an easy thing to do but I tell you today that your desperate state will not make God to give you what you can not handle. God will you at the right time and the best time for you.
You don’t the way I mention God again!
Don’t worry, It’s another test to see if you can be truly rich or not.

As you can see, I personally believe in God, I believe God exist and I believe God created me, yes I believe God can give me whatever I asked of him and I believed He is a God of time and purpose.
God will give me what I ask of If I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
Completion of the second rule is to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. Jesus promised if we ask anything in His name that He’s going to do them for us. Very simple act of faith.
I don’t know if you can also follow the rule number two. Though it’s very easy to do but i tell you: one mind will be telling you right now not to mind what I am  saying.
I am urging you to take this step of faith because it means a lot in you getting rich---- as you know that is where we are going.
You might say again, ‘these Christian people have started with FAITH things again!!!

Another rule: rule number three; without faith it is impossible to please God. And without faith no man can see God. Your faith is highly required because you need to have faith in God before you can totally believe He will make you rich.
If you don’t believe that the investment will yield though after a lot of risk involved, you wouldn't invest at all.
3 rules already, please start working on them before I bring other rules to follow.

share!!! it could save someone today.

Don’t worry, I will be back soon to hand over to you the remaining rules, Very easy without paying a dime.

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